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Our People

Kathrin Brewer (Austin)
President & CEO
I wish to teach the world to sing.

Wish Team

Lauren Sanger (Austin)
Chief Program Officer
I wish to go to the Superbowl.

Danielle Cerón (Austin)
Bilingual Senior Wish Manager
I wish to meet Peyton Manning & tell him he's my hero.

Nikki Dulay (Austin)
Wish Coordinator
I wish to meet Zac Efron.

Jael Flores (Austin)
Bilingual Wish Coordinator
I wish to go to Spain.

Charity Embry (Austin)
Director of Volunteers
I wish to go to Greece.


Isaac Crone (Austin)
Finance Coordinator
I wish to go to outer space.

Audrey Glaser (Austin)
Chief Operations Officer
I wish to have a nearby community garden… and gardener.

Chris Smith (Austin)
Director of Business Systems
I wish to meet the Dalai Lama.


Jill Skinner (Austin)
Chief Communications Officer
I wish to go on an African safari.


Kristina Bachman (Austin)
Chief Development Officer
I wish to sail the Mediterranean.

Courtney Gremillion (Austin)
Special Events Manager
I wish to open my own dog rescue center.

Sarah Gaye Conner (San Antonio)
Director of National Initiatives
I wish to have tea with Queen Elizabeth.

Brenna Hill (San Antonio)
Wish Experience Coordinator
I wish to go to Australia and see a Kangaroo

Contact staff members in Austin at
512-329-9474, 800-880-9474 toll-free,
or by email at

Austin Staff:
Kathrin Brewer
Lauren Sanger
Jill Skinner
Kristina Bachman
Danielle Cerón
Courtney Gremillion
Nikki Dulay
Jael Flores
Charity Embry
Audrey Glaser
Chris Smith
Isaac Crone

Contact staff members in San Antonio
at 210-525-9474, 800-880-9474 toll-free,
or by email at

San Antonio Staff:
Sarah Gaye Conner
Brenna Hill

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