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Our People

Kathrin Brewer (Austin)
President & CEO
I wish to teach the world to sing.

Wish Team

Lauren Sanger (Austin)
Chief Program Officer
I wish to go to the Superbowl.

Danielle Cerón (Austin)
Bilingual Senior Wish Manager
I wish to meet Peyton Manning & tell him he's my hero.

Nikki Dulay (Austin)
Wish Coordinator & Social Media Manager 
I wish to meet Zac Efron.

Jael Flores (Austin)
Wish & Community Engagement Manager 
I wish to go to Spain.

Charity Embry (Austin)
Director of Volunteers
I wish to go to Greece.

Isabel Chang
Wish Coordinator
I wish to see the Northern Lights. 


Isaac Crone (Austin)
Finance Coordinator
I wish to go to outer space.

Chris Smith (Austin)
Vice President of Operations 
I wish to meet the Dalai Lama.

Janeene Williams (Austin)
Executive Administrative Asst. 
I wish to have tea with the Dalai Lama.


Jill Skinner (Austin)
Chief Communications Officer
I wish to go on an African safari.


Llyas Salahud-din (Austin) 
Director of Development 

Sarah Gaye Conner (San Antonio)

Director of National Initiatives
I wish to have tea with Queen Elizabeth.

Brenna Hill (San Antonio)
Wish Experience Coordinator
I wish to go to Australia and see a Kangaroo

Kimberly Romero (Austin)
Special Events Manager & Stewardship Manager
I wish to go gorilla trekking in the Congo 

Contact staff members in Austin at
512-329-9474, 800-880-9474 toll-free,
or by email at

Austin Staff:
Kathrin Brewer
Danielle Cerón
Isabel Chang 
Isaac Crone 
Nikki Dulay 
Charity Embry 
Jael Flores
Kimberly Romero 
Ilyas Salahud-din
Lauren Sanger
Jill Skinner
Chris Smith
Janeene Williams 

Contact staff members in San Antonio
at 210-525-9474, 800-880-9474 toll-free,
or by email at

San Antonio Staff:
Sarah Gaye Conner
Brenna Hill

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