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Donate Your Birthday Wish

Make a wish for your birthday that you'll remember forever.

Did you know that more people have birthdays in September than any other month of the year? You may even share a birthday with a Make-A-Wish kid! This birthday, wish for something you know will come true. Donate your birthday wish to a wish kid and help give them the mental and physical strength needed to fight their illness.

Make-A-Wish believes that wishes improve the odds for kids fighting critical illnesses, and research proves it.* It's why we do what we do. Wishes are amazing and fun, and more than that, they inspire and have the power to change lives. Wishes help kids look past their limitations, families overcome anxiety, and entire communities experience joy.

No matter if you're turning 66, 36 or even can use your birthday to give the gift of a wish to a child who needs it most. Help transform a life, and have a birthday you'll remember forever. 

Lots of our wish kids who are waiting to have their wishes granted, have September birthdays. Meet Brody, Faith and Trinity...

Wish Kid Brody | Austin | Bday September 9 | I wish to go on a cruise

Wish Kid Faith | Austin | Bday September 14 | I wish to visit a movie set & meet the writers

Wish Kid Trinity | Kerville | Bday September 30 | I wish to go on a shopping spree

Don't share a birthday with Brody, Faith or Trinity? Here's a list of other wish kids with September birthdays. If you're interested in fundraising for a specific child, please contact Jill Skinner at, and she'll set up a page just for you! If you'd like to share and contribute to a general campaign, click here:  My Birthday Wish

Felix, 12 | Lockhart | Bday September 1 | I wish to go to the Florida theme parks!

Armour, 5 | San Antonio | Bday September 2 | I wish to go on a cruise! 

Seth, 13 | San Antonio | Bday September 3 | I wish to go to New York and see snow!

Gabriela, 15 | San Antonio | Bday September 5 | I wish to have an above ground pool!

Haydin, 6 | San Antonio | Bday September 7 | I wish to go to the Florida theme parks!

Francisco, 16 | San Antonio | Bday September 11 | I wish to go to Atlantis! 

Seth, 11 | San Antonio | Bday September 12 | I wish to go to Australia!

Nadia, 17 | San Antonio | Bday September 15 | I wish to go to Thailand! 

Jason, 12 | Pleasanton | Bday September 16 | I wish to go to the Florida theme parks!

Carter, 3 | Kerrville | Bday September 22 | I wish to go to the Florida theme parks!

Each year, more than 500 kids in central and south Texas are diagnosed with a critical illness. We are on a quest to bring every eligible child's wish to life because a wish is an integral part of a child's treatment journey. Last fiscal year, our chapter granted 300 wishes, the most in our chapter's history. As we kick off our new fiscal year in September, we plan on beating that number. With your help we can. 

*Shoshani, A. Mifano, K. Czamanski-Cohen, J. (2015). The effects of the [Make-A-Wish] intervention on psychiatric symptoms and health-related quality of life of children with cancer: a randomized controlled trial. Quality of Life Research, 25(5), 1209-1218. doi 10.1007/s11136-015-1148-7

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