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Thank you for your interest in Make-A-Wish® and our internship program. Internship opportunities are available in our Austin and San Antonio offices every fall, spring, and summer semester. Please review our Intern Positions and Job Description.

Fall 2020 Internship Semester Update: All Fall 2020 internships will be remote with some in-person projects (where masks will be required and all social distancing guidelines observed). Even though the internship will not meet in an office setting daily, we do require that you are located in the Austin or San Antonio area, respectively. At this time, our Austin office is only hiring for a Program and a Development intern, and our San Antonio office is only hiring for a Program intern. The Operations internship will not be available in our Austin office and the Development internship will not be available in our San Antonio office. The deadline for the Fall 2020 semester is Friday, July 3 by close of business, and late applications will not be considered. Please review future application deadlines by semester in the Intern Positions and Job Description PDF above.

For additional information on internship opportunities, please contact Nikki Dulay at

Intern Noelle’ll gain experience, you’ll make new friends, and I promise you it will change your life. ”

— Jessi, Intern

Missy's Internship Experience

Intern ErinThe Make-A-Wish Foundation of Central and South Texas is not just an organization that grants the wishes of children with critical illnesses. It is an organization filled with inspirational people that lift the spirits of those around them and touch the lives of every person that comes into contact with the organization. My internship with the Make-A-Wish Foundation is hands down one of the best work experiences I’ve ever had, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a valuable work experience.

It was clear from day one that the people in the office are the heart and soul of the Foundation, and they make-up everything the organization stands for: care, passion, dedication, and perseverance. It doesn’t take long before interns become a part of the Make-A-Wish family, exuding these traits and becoming an integral part of its mission. The internship is challenging, educational, and fulfilling. Something you cannot easily say about most work experiences.

During my time at Make-A-Wish, I learned about event planning, communications, and the overall operation of a nonprofit organization. As my first internship in the pubic relations field, the experience served as a bridge from the classroom to the real world, allowing me to apply skills learned during my coursework while benefiting from a solid mentorship. The highlight of my experience was planning multiple large-scale fundraising events that allowed the organization to grant numerous wishes to children in Central Texas.

I had the pleasure of working on two very different fundraising events while at Make-A-Wish that provided hands-on planning and project management experience. The first and most exciting was the inaugural Over the Edge event that sent more than 150 people rappelling down a 32-story building in downtown Austin. This fundraising event was one-of-a-kind for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and was a huge undertaking with many moving parts and important details. The months leading up to Over The Edge were dedicated to planning each minute of the event, foreseeing every possible need, anticipating any potential problem, and organizing more than 100 rappellers, volunteers and sponsors. Each intern was called upon at one point or another during the process to provide input and make sure every detail was covered. The day of Over the Edge was just as expected: busy, long, and hectic. However, the Make-A-Wish team pulled together to make it happen, with a smile on their faces, as they do time and time again.

The second major event I planned with the Foundation was the 21st Annual Make-A-Wish Radiothon. The radiothon served as a good contrast to the Over The Edge event as it is hosted year after year by both KASE101 and Make-A-Wish and is considerably less complex. The primary feature of the event are the wish stories told first-hand from parents, doctors, and wish kids themselves. These stories will break your heart, lift you up, and ultimately remind you of the reason Make-A-Wish does what it does, day in and day out. At times, it is easy to lose sight of the greater mission and purpose the Foundation serves, and it is events like these that remind everyone why the time, work, and constant dedication is well worth it.

The experience as a whole taught me that planning an event is a long process requiring time, patience, and great attention to detail. In the big picture, the event itself is such a small part of everything that goes into it, yet it is the end result of all your work and the primary determinant of success. After all is said and done, both events turned out to be a huge success that each raised more than $200,000 for the Foundation. Together, these funds granted more than 80 wishes to children in Central Texas, allowing the Foundation to fulfill its mission of enriching the human experience with hope, strength and joy. My experience with the Foundation allowed me to find my passion, gain valuable work experience, make amazing friends, and ultimately build a relationship with the organization that will last a lifetime. The opportunity is what you make of it and can be one the most rewarding experiences of your life. Either way, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Jessi's Internship Experience


It is entirely possible that the good folks at the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Central & South Texas thought I would never stop being an intern, and I don’t blame them in the least. I worked as an intern with Make-A-Wish for an entire year, which means I had my hands in almost all the different areas of the office. It’s the best internship any person with a big heart can ask for, and I highly recommend it to students.

I started as a Wish Intern, and never in my life did I think I’d be on the phone with Brunswick trying to learn about bowling pins and bowling balls that would be safest for David, who was in a wheelchair, or that I’d have the opportunity to be on the phone, almost every day, with my “boyfriend” (that’s what everyone in the office called Justin) discussing how awesome the newest MacBook Pro was trying to figure out his definition of a “fully loaded laptop.”

Words honestly fail me when I try to explain how spectacular it is to be able to give a Wish Kid the wish you’ve worked on for them. I was there when Justin got his laptop to see the smile light up his face. Watching David roll his personalized bowling ball down this ball ramp and into his brand new pins almost made me cry. He was so happy! That’s the important thing to keep in mind on rough days: I’m doing this for something bigger than myself, and this day will be well worth it.

My biggest undertaking as an intern was working on the 25th Anniversary Gala, Cinderella’s Ball. Cinderella’s Ball taught me how seriously important organization, patience, budgeting, and communication actually are in real life. As a Gala Liaison I worked countless hours logging auction items, making Power Points, proof-reading, making calls, and helping decide on logistics of how we would pull off this massive, wonderful event. Really, I was actually allowed to do a lot of the planning, and my opinions mattered. I’ll never forget the night of the gala. I was so tired, and I worried that something wouldn’t go right. However, despite my aching feet, Cinderella’s Ball was a huge success. I actually count it as one of my proudest moments in life so far.

So why should you be a Make-A-Wish intern? For starters, you will learn tons about working in an office setting and working with a nonprofit organization. Second of all, the staff is phenomenal! These people aren’t like some of your professors – they want you to learn and grow. Thirdly, you are doing something that is so much bigger than you sometimes remember. That in itself should make you want to work with Make-A-Wish. At the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Central & South Texas, you’ll gain experience, you’ll make new friends, and I promise you it will change your life.

Morgan’s Internship Experience

MorganMy internship at the Make-A-Wish Foundation has been truly magical. The staff is welcoming and values each intern’s help on all aspects of wish-granting, event planning and other necessary duties. This hands-on internship has been fast-paced, educational and, most importantly, meaningful.

When my internship started, I immediately began working with the Director of Development on the KASE 101 Make-A-Wish Radiothon. I made phone calls to volunteers and wish families, organized the schedule for the event, gathered supplies as needed and created a media book consisting of wish kid biographies and pictures. I improved my communication and organizational skills during this process. During the two-day event, I helped coordinate volunteers, assist with the phone bank, and accept donations.

My favorite part of the Radiothon was meeting the wish kids and their families. Their strength during such a difficult time and the joy they expressed when talking about their wish was inspirational and moving. It was an incredible experience to interact with each wish child and to listen to their stories during their live interviews on the radio. After helping grant some of these children’s wishes, i was very special to see in person the impact it has made on their lives. This annual fundraiser raised almost $350,000 in two days, which will help the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Central & South Texas grant around 70 wishes this year. To know that I helped make this event a success was rewarding and one that I will never forget!

The members of the Foundation devote their time to making wishes come true for each deserving child. Each day, I left the Make-A-Wish office feeling gratified and inspired, knowing that I helped make a difference in a wish child’s life. I could not have asked for a better internship and I will continue to learn from those experiences and treasure the friendships I made at the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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