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Wishmaker® - Monthly Giving Campaign

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Every Wish is Inspired from the Ideas of A Child and is Brought to Life with Your Support

30 dollar donation can fund concert tickets - donate now   50 dollars can fund two plane tickets to Disney World - donate now

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I wish to go...

More than 70% of wishes involve travel to a destination which include spots within the US and across the world. Travel to a faraway place may be for pure fun or it could be the key to imagining a world beyond where they are now.
Supports: • Airline Tickets • Lodging • Car Rentals
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I wish to have...

Children often wish for items to stay entertained, to escape from the daily rigors of their medical condition, or to help them remain in contact with others while in treatment and when they are away from family or friends.
Supports: • Electronics • Playscapes • Pools/Hot Tubs
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I wish to meet...

Celebrities are often admired and looked up to as role models by children. A wish experience to meet a music artist, movie or television star, or sports figure can inspire a child in ways that go far beyond the day of the wish.
Supports: • Event Tickets • Travel Expenses • Souvenirs
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I wish to be...

Every child dreams to be someone more, whether that is to be a police officer, super hero, recording artist, or a cheerleader, just to name a few. It’s an opportunity to break the bonds of their medical condition and imagine possibilities.
Supports: • Equipment • Lessons • Clothing

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