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Darian Returns from Disney World

Wish Kid, Darian and Space Ranger of the Intergalactic Alliance, Buzz Lightyear

“ Darian still talks so much about his trip ”

- Darian’s mom, Raquel

“Our trip to Disney World was the best trip EVER! I swear you guys think of every detail to make this a trip to remember! Darian still talks so much about his trip and does not stop looking at all the pictures.

I was surprised when Darian chose a trip to Disney World because he is happy with the smallest thing you give to him and this was one big wish!

"Darian was diagnosed with Pre-B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on October 15, 2014. When the doctors tell you that your little baby has cancer it is like a piece of you dies inside, that day was the worst day for us. Never do you think something like this could happen to you but it does, never will I forget that day. Darian did not and still does not understand. We tell him he is sick in the inside and needs a lot of medicine for him to get better. We explain that our family has to be strong and stay together so that we can get through this. He knows that he has to go to the doctor to get chemo through his port but there is no way to tell a 5 year old what exactly chemo is. We have special ways to explain what is going to happen at the doctor’s visit that day but when he is older he will know exactly what he went through and how strong he is.

"Darian's wish to Disney World has been our first family vacation and the one we will remember forever! Make a Wish does everything in their power to help us families have such an awesome trip, it is unbelievable. The favorite part of the trip has to be the way everyone at the Disney parks treated Darian. By Darian wearing a button, characters stop him and really drop everything just to see him. If there is one thing I could tell other parents going through the same things is, it is okay to cry. All of this is very overwhelming especially in the beginning. Take it day by day and do not think about tomorrow just think about now. Today could be a good day and tomorrow may not. Parents need to take a moment to themselves even if it’s in the shower and just cry it out, trust me it helps!”  

~Darian’s mom, Raquel.

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Wish Kid, Darian

Wish Kid Darian

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