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Elle's Wish To Meet A Disney Princess

Composition of photos of Wish Kid Elle and her family

“ We were all able to forget about Elle’s condition and just be together as a family and have fun. ”

- Elle's mom

Wish kid Elle, is a four-year-old from Austin who was diagnosed with acute leukemia when she was only two. Little Elle dreamed of a Disney World adventure where she could meet a princess.  On June 23, exactly one year after she was diagnosed and exactly one year since her journey towards remission began, her wish was brought to life. Accompanied by her mother, Kirsten, her father, Andy, and her older sister Keira, Elle and her family set out on a journey where all of Elle’s dreams would come true.  

“Prior to the wish, Elle was looking internally at herself and how bad she felt. Suddenly, there was a reason to look beyond the day-to-day hospital routine,” Kirsten said.  The anticipation of a wish is almost as fun as the wish itself, but nothing compares to the real thing. When the day finally came to head to Disney World, the smiles never stopped!  She had been waiting for what seemed like forever! So when she and her family finally arrived at The Happiest Place On Earth, Elle had an agenda. She woke her family up at 6:00 AM every day – she knew there was a lot of ground to cover. And they did! Not only did Elle meet all the Disney princesses, and all her favorite characters, but she met her very favorite, Elsa from Frozen.  

“Make -A-Wish is more than just a wish or a trip; it’s an incredible experience that is filled with wonderful, caring and giving people. It provides a reprieve for families and kids who are struggling with a difficult situation. It gave Elle, and us, hope and knowledge that so many people, even strangers, care.” –Kirsten, Elle’s mom

Elle’s condition has greatly affected her family since her diagnosis. Her mother said, “I don’t think anyone can imagine the impact this has on our lives. We try not to cry in front of Elle, but sometimes you cannot stop yourself.” Perhaps this is hardest for Andy, since he quit his job to take care of Elle full-time. As for her older sister Keira, her grades in school seem to be directly correlated to how well Elle responds to her treatment. The family spent this past Christmas and New Year’s at the Texas Children’s Hospital as Elle had unexpected bacteremia.

Elle is excited to cheer her mom on as she steps Over The Edge of W Austin and rappels down 38 stories.  Kirsten will be facing a new fear, drawing from the bravery of her sweet Elle, to help make more wishes come true. 

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