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Fiona Returns From Her Trip to London

Fiona on Her Trip to London

“ My trip was truly a dream come true, and I will remember it forever ”

- Fiona

Dear Make-A-Wish,
This is Fiona, and I just wanted to tell you that I am so glad that I could go on my trip to London! Just walking around the city was beautiful and inspiring, but the things that you planned for me made my experience almost unbelievable.

Even if I had gotten to London without you guys, I wouldn't have gotten to do any of those things. Visiting the Harry Potter studios was a dream come true, and that wasn't even on my list! They had the huge replica of Hogwarts that they used in filming, it took up an entire room, and it was astonishingly beautiful. Since it was Christmas time, they also had the great hall decorated with snow and Christmas trees. I took so many pictures it was insane. And the Harry Potter studios weren't the only thing that left me breathless, the Les Miserable performance was equally amazing. It was hands down the best play/musical I have ever been to. I can barely single out the best parts, although I will say that the lighting was incredible, and the barricade that was pushed onto stage was jaw-dropping, I couldn't believe my eyes! When I went to tea, I was giddy with excitement because the whole building was so fancy! I mean like, seriously, the bathroom sofas were probably ten times the cost of our couch. The silver was beautiful, and the food was so delicate and cute I couldn't believe any of it. Not to mention that the London eye had some amazing views that had me jumping up and down. And lastly, thank you also for bringing my sister from Budapest, I had so much fun having the whole family together, and it wouldn't have been the same without her. Thank you so much for everything! My trip was truly a dream come true, and I will remember it forever. I have attached some pictures below, and thanks again!

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